Reunion LogoDV 2002

1988 - 2019

First Year: 1988 - Park City Resort, 37 Attendees, 1,500 years of collective teaching experience

Founders: Bill Lash, Lou Lorenz, Phil Jones

Organizing Committee: Bill Lash, Lou Lorenz, Phil Jones, Jimmy Johnston, Curt Chase, Jay Price

Purpose: Billís original intent was to hold an informal reunion of (veteran) ski instructors to have some fun, ski and reminisce. In addition, he wanted to provide a forum for commemorating the anniversaries of several steps in the development of organized ski instruction in America.

Attendees: Rex Ames, Steve Bagley, Gene Bernson, Gila Bogo, Junior Bounous, Maxine Bounous, Bill Briggs, Curt Chase, Jack Colven, Max Dercum, Chuck Fields, Richard Fry, Leo Fox, John Harrington, George Hartlmaier, Jimmy Johnston, Phil Jones, Gary Knudson, Helen Koenig, Keith Lange, Bill Lash, Robin Locke, Lou Lorenz, Max Lundberg, Earl A. Miller, Julie Murphy, Ken Oakes, Hugh Olander, Clark Parkinson, Dave Parkinson, Jean Richmond, Chuck Rowan, Dick Seager, Adrian Segel, Dave Smith, Lynn Sohrweide, Dan Steffen, Dave Thurgood, Theresa Waser.

Paying Tribute: Bill viewed the reunion as an opportunity to pay tribute to those in individuals who were instrumental in the development of skiing in America and also those who were very important in his life and deserving of special recognition. Keith Lange now continues this tradition.

2019 Honoree: Gene Palmer

Past Honorees: 1991 Alf Engen
1992 Friedl Pfeifer, Herbert Schneider, Otto Lang
1993 Curt Chase, Max Dercum
1994 Paul & Paula Valar, Jimmy Johnston
1995 7th Interski Demonstration Team, Bill Lash, and Norm Crearar
1996 Junior Bounous
1997 George Engel, Jr., George Savage
1998 8th Interski Demonstration Team and Willy Schaeffler
1999 Stein Eriksen
2000 Nic Fiore, Buzz & Julie Fiorini, Lou Lorenz
2001 Keith Lange
2002 Phil Jones
2003 Bruce Fenn II & Pepi Stiegler
2004 Maxine Bounous, Maggie Doughty, Babette Haueisen, Karen Hollaus, Lenore Lyle, Lyn Mundt, Jean Richmond, Elissa Slanger
2005 Werner Schuster, Luggi Foeger, and Erich Windisch
2006 Rusty Crook and Special Thanks to Clark Parkinson and Dave Thurgood
2007 Richard (Rick) Scott
2008 Peter J. Picard
2009 Dr. Juris Vagners
2010 Doug Pfeiffer
2011 Woody Anderson
2012 Phil Jones and Bob Wheaton
2013 Bill Briggs
2014 History of Park City & Deer Valley, Larry Warren - Presenter
2015 Ron Parody
2016 Norm Burton
2017 All Veteran Ski Instructors that have participated in our annual reunion for the last 30 years
2018 Gary S. Nelson

Original Sponsor: 1988-1996 - Phil Jones, General Manager, Park City Resort

Current Sponsor: 1997-Present - Deer Valley Resort

Veterans Logo/Pin: In the fall of 2001 a local graphic artist, Lucy Jordan, was commissioned to design a new logo. The only direction given was that it had to contain elements relevant to skiing, ski teaching which brought us all together and the reunion. Initially Lucy came up with three designs but one seemed to have some symbolism that really represented what the reunion was all about. We all share a love for skiing, hence the skis, and it was ski teaching and PSIA (the shield) that brought us all together. However, the reunion is truly defined by the three sets of ski tracks that all start out going separate ways but coming together as a reunion in the end.

Growth: The Veterans Ski Instructors Reunion has proven to be very popular. In 2004, one hundred and thirty five individuals representing over 2,500 collective years of ski teaching experience attended the event at Deer Valley.